A.I.erre engineering has implemented the ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance standard since 2006.

The quality policy established by A.I.erre Engineering is based on services provided for assuring the complete customers’ satisfaction.
A.I.erre Engineering is in the field of civil protection, industry and infrastructure design, and in technical consultancy and safety, both in the phase of the design as in the execution.
A.I.erre provides services which meet the following requirements:
– suit the needs and expectations of the clients;
– comply with the standards, the specifications of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, all rules and norms and the requirements of the law in the countries where the company’s services are provided;
– are congruent with the environment protection, health, and safety needs;
– have competitive prices and at the same time are profitable for the company;
– allow discovering external issues, connected to its activity, sometimes not even known by the client, which might have the negative impact on the services provided.
To achieve these goals, the Directorate of A.I.erre Engineering involves in communication, making understood, and put into practice the quality policy. The Directorate also checks regularly within re-examinations, that the quality policy is consistent with the company’s goals, including the quality targets.

Through the quality policy, A.I.erre Engineering is intended to meet the following goals:
– satisfy the needs and expectations of the relevant internal and external parties through the monitoring and constant improvement of the quality system;
– identify the internal and external risks which could have a negative impact on the services, and find the way to prevent, mitigate and solve the issues that might appear;
– assure that the entire process of achieving the service is always under control in terms of the resources involved and the level of competence of the staff, in order to improve the quality of the services using indicators which measure, prevent and lower constantly the non-conformities;
– carry out periodically the revision of the management to identify new relevant targets.